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The Way of the Divine Mother is inside our Hearts.

So precious,

So wise,

its pure love.

This Ancient Art of being is to function again for the well being of All, for Consciousness, 

to heal our Ancestry,

to heal Humanity.

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The Ancient way of correcting ourselves is still alive

  • Conscious Living Coach 
  • Holistic Educator
  • Spiritual Ecology
  • Women's Spiritual Growth
  • Conscious Motherhood Services throughout Conception, Pregnancy and Birth
  • Wholesome Nutrition for the entire Family
  • Conscious Parenting

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About Nadine


As an apprentice of the legendary Andean Master Koginka Kamaru Xue she has given her life to the preservation and sustenance of our Mother Earth and her precious wisdom. 

Step quietly and lightly
so that your feet may kiss this Earth you walk upon.
The light of your Soul may shine when you are
at home in what dwells within.
Don't be a heavy weight in the Mothers Creation, with all your complaints and issues, but BE a living proof
of what's originally intended for us humans.
We are spiritual beings, Souls embedded in a
natural co-relationship with our Divine Mother.

Reconnect with the Divine Mother,

guiding your process,

back to the Heart of your Being,

You Are Worth It!