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Koginka Sewaluna Foundation (KSF):


    KSF was created & established in America by my Mentor and spiritual Master Koginka Kamaru Xue, for the work of preserving the “Holistic wise ways” of functioning in harmony and balance with Nature. Its primary goal is to bring forth and recover the consciousness of Mother Earth and reestablish sustainable ways of how to live in accordance to her principles of life.

    This ancient living wisdom is a true gem and through its authentic and impeccable preservation by a handful of individuals on this planet we humans are able to recover our full potential and integrity as human beings.

    The foundation's intent is to reestablish the fundamental applications of care taking, protecting and preserving the earth. Woven within this ageless wisdom lies not only the nurturing of our Mother Earth but also the return as individuals to our spectral potential as integrated human beings.

Xolar Vibronics:


    Xolar Vibronics was created and established in America by my spiritual Master Koginka Kamaru Xue and Beatriz Schmidt as a school of conscious living and holistic healing education with very comprehensive training programs.

    Apprentices undergo the necessary training to establish themselves as spiritual caretakers of the earth by self-discovery and self-healing by learning the "Original Ancient Ways of Functioning".

    Koginka Kamaru Xue is an Andean master par excellence. His impeccable heart weaves in his teachings all aspects of life to recover humanity's full potential and capability. His immense soul carries the unwavering commitment only a true master can behold, one of flawless consciousness, of courage beyond words and remarkable precision what humans came here to accomplish.


    This grand and majestic global work to restore humanity and its sacred places would not be possible without the exceptional contribution of Beatriz. As a mother and manager of Xolar Vibronics she is more than a backbone to this work and the students. She is the living loving proof that humanity can turn its course towards what is natural, sacred and original, and that raising children consciously is a living integral aspect of our role and goal as humans.

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Aluemáku (Michael) Brasunas,

Awakening the Spirit Healing Arts & Transformational Coaching:

Asheville, North Carolina

Nadine Brasunas
Holistic Life Coach

Tel: 828-333-0975

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