As a trained and certified Xolar Vibronics Holistic Educator and Conscious Living Coach I offer this work for you to reach deeper into your heart, discover that you are a conscious SPIRIT, a being that has a role and mission to fulfill without standing in your own way. As a spirit you carry lifetimes with you, debts inherited from ancestors who didn't uphold what they came here to accomplish, yet with assistance you can be trained to master your own experience in this life and correct your tendencies that have impacted your life.


How I can assist:

Conscious Living

All Relationships, be it to yourself, partners, children, parents, friends, take effort to hold with power, kindness and loving respect.


What are the ways in which you can correct and reintegrate yourself in order to bring forth the best in you

to maintain and nourish those relationships as well as supporting those around you wholeheartedly?

This work combines valuable tools in self-investigation and self-knowledge to gradually make choices in life that are both leading towards a life with pure purpose and greater self-management.

Life offers the opportunity for inner awareness and All of us are amateurs in functioning precisely the way we are meant,

yet through a network of support we can together reestablish strong intents to hold balance again.

Guided inquiries and explorations into the depth of yourself will reveal your specific tendencies and dis-coordination. 


This work supports in:

Holistic Counseling


  • creating changes through setting powerful intents of healing and reintegration

rather than reinforcing old habits through tendencies and traumatic experiences

  • self-improvement through understanding energetic patterns and the need for emotional detoxification

instead of insisting on habitual vicious behavior by manipulating and controlling others


This work of holistic and conscious healing strives to empower you to

return your life into full health by being re-educated and guided.

Holistic coaching aims to bring forth in YOU:


Functioning versus Dysfunction

Natural behavior versus artificial perception and lifestyle

Clarity of your purpose versus confusion and endless repetitive failures in life



What this Healing Arts Practice can support you with:

Women's Spiritual Growth and Conscious Motherhood

Gratitude and full embrace of Maternity as a fundamental role and functioning of a woman,

rather than holding resentment and rejection of Maternity passed down to you through generations

or imposed upon you through media and social platforms.

Reintegration of your essential role of a woman in relationships, as a Mother, in community,

in your career, with dignity and sensitivity; instead of self-sabotage of your innate Nature.

Embrace the fundamental essence of a woman by overcoming the imposed cultural and ancestral dilemmas

of supposedly having to choose between either family life, career or spiritual fulfillment. 

Develop the qualities of a conscious Mother by cultivating and acquiring powerful tools for balancing yourself

in order to raise children with consciousness, to empower them for self-reflection and investigation.

This healing practice places emphasis on the crucial need to live with the clear intent of self-healing

in order to support the future of humanity, the next generations,

and the genuine responsibility to care for this planet.

Value yourself first with dignity, respect and full understanding of who you are Truly

rather than seeking validation through family, community or career.

Schedule your free 20 min consultation

call or text Nadine (828) 333-0975

Life Coaching session approximately 60 - 90 minutes

Rates determined by a reading, based on a sliding scale

"The Soul is like the Ocean, wide infinite potential, yet the ups and downs of life keep us in an aquarium of patterns and tendencies in which we experience the limitations of being."
A session with Nadine will open the doorway to the natural being that you are, that awaits to experience the wide ocean.

Asheville, North Carolina

Nadine Brasunas
Holistic Life Coach

Tel: 828-333-0975

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