About Nadine

Healing for one means Healing for All.
Heal your ancestry,
the next generation.
Healing humanity ,
one soul at a time,
beginning by You.
Function again with purity
as a Mother, as a Spirit,
holding the intent of giving birth to an entire New generation,
one that holds responsibility, Integrity and Healing in their hearts.
My Story


  As an apprentice of the legendary Andean Master Koginka Kamaru Xue I have given my life to the preservation and sustenance of our Mother Earth and her precious wisdom. 

  According to our sacred ancestors, ALL life must be protected and realigned with its original functioning and purpose--and as thus, my sole role lies in the sincere return of our original sense of existence as Souls, as Spirits, with a mission and clear direction to realign with what is truly sacred, so that we meet all stages of life prepared, as natural, coordinated beings in alliance with our beloved Divine Mother.

 As an East German born I am inclined to do my part as a spiritual ecologist in Germany to revitalize and strengthen again the natural original function of that particular space on the planet. The European culture is one of tremendous torment, ancestrally afflicted and spiritually cut and lost from any original sense of functioning. As a humble apprentice to Nature, I return every year to Germany to establish a relationship again with the spiritual space there, bringing my heart and sincerity to establish something  sacred, something that holds integrity and solidity, to be embedded again in the entire matrix of the planet.

Asheville, North Carolina

Nadine Brasunas
Holistic Life Coach

Tel: 828-333-0975

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